Our Story


How it all began

Think global. Act local.

Daphne bags was born from the need to create environmentally responsible fashion for the modern consumer. Placing recycling at the heart of what we do, we create bags that each tell their unique story - each featuring recycled materials such as canvas tarpaulins or military tents. No two bags are the same.


Our commitment to the Earth

Put your carbon foot forward.

We encourage more consumers to understand that they can make a difference to the environment through their fashion choices. Buyers are not invited to just buy a handbag, but to be an ambassador for a company that is committed to sustainable practice.

We have a limited amount of natural materials on this Earth - so we feel it’s our responsibily to do what we can, by repurposing materials that have already been created


What makes us unique

Firstly, our bags are made from biodegradable recycled materials via eco-friendly processes. The way that we create our bags from recycled fabrics ensures that each bag is totally unique. Each bag tells a story of its previous life.



Step away from the standard.

Our items are versatile and perfect for any occasion. Transition from a day at the office to an evening out with girls with ease. With each item being 100% unique, making a statement will be easy.

Each bag is handmade - culminating a true sense of artisan style by blending vintage style goats leather a natural, recycled leather. Creating something on-trend yet sophisticated.

Functional and fashionable.



It’s quite simple, really. We turn other people’s trash into treasure. It’s quite amazing how something that seems old can be given new life with out of the box thinking and creativity. We strive to constantly update our process for creating fashionable items. For the present and for the future.

How do we do this?

By converting what formerly would be considered trash including military tents and canvas tarps into treasured, bespoke fashion items. Even the pricing tags are made from recycled paper.


What our customer says about us !

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my new tote. It was roomier than I expected it to be and it’s so versatile - it goes with most of my wardrobe. Such a great colour too.

It’s awesome to know that by buying something as simple as a bag, I can make a difference to the future of the environment. I love seeing more people putting the environment first. Great work, Daphne!

I have seriously had so many comments since I started taking my bag out with me - people are always asking me where I got it from! I am sure you will get many more customers soon.

The intricacy and detail in the design is awesome. I can see how much work has gone into creating this. Such great quality and so unique.

What an investment! I would highly recommend this bag to anyone. As a uni student, it was within my budget and made it easy to go from school to work. Five stars!